SEOUL FOOD GUIDE #1: What A Salad in Itaewon

If you had way too much meat dishes or spicy food and are desperately longing for some fresh salad, then head over to What A Salad located in Itaewon. I know, the first mission during your stay in Seoul, Southkorea is to eat and try out as much Korean food as you can but let me tell you, no matter how yummy it is, there comes the day when you just want to eat healthy fresh salad. At least, if you have a well-balanced diet.

Rose Chicken Cesar Salad with 2 pieces of bread (free) ~8000 Won

What a Salad offers a variety of fresh salads and you can make your own chopped salad, too, which is good for people with a diet e.g. vegans, vegeterians or allergy sufferer. The staff prepares the salad directly behind the bar and you can see the freshness of the ingredients. The interior design is very clean, minimalistic and you get the organic vibe because there are nice little plants everywhere and the salad is served in a wooden bowl on a wooden tray. As the salad is chopped, you will get a spoon instead of a fork. That might be weird at first, but it is the best option for this kind of salad. Don’t think that these are small portions, it just seems like that because all it’s chopped – makes sense, right?

Location:  74-33 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul



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