The oldest secondhand bookstore in Seoul

Located in Seochon -dong, there is a little place full of books, history and old memories: Dae-oh Book Store 33 Cafe.

This bookstore opened in 1951 by a young man born and raised in Seochon and a woman from Wondang . The married couple named the bookstore after their middle names which are “Dae” from Cho Dae-sik and “Oh” from Kwon Oh-nam.

Dae-oh Bookstore 33 Cafe

Although the family  business went through difficult times due to global development and economic competition, they still passionately run the bookstore in the same traditional hanok house which today is also a cafe where you feel transported back in time surrounded by history . It really has an unique atmosphere, sitting in the midst of their vintage furniture, knowing that several generations lived here, adapted their business to the times in order to make this place their home.

Address: 33 Nuha-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Phone: 010-9219-1349
Hours of Operation: Tues.- Sun. 11am-10pm


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