SEOUL CAFE GUIDE #1: MTL (More than less)

This place is a design studio, a select shop and a cafe at the same. Impossible? Then go to MTL (=More than less) and enjoy your cup of coffee while admiring the minimalistic, industrial but clean vibe.

The best thing about it, is that they are selling and distributing a specialty coffee brand “BONANZA COFFEE” which is originally located in Berlin, Germany.
Here is what makes them unique:
“Our idea of roasting is the counter opposite of what is commonly regarded as the way to roast coffee, which is, we roast it as little as possible, enough to fully develop all flavours, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee distinct. The resulting cup should be clean, clear and pure, free from tastes that are produced by the roast itself.
It is definitely worth a visit, if you are looking for a cool and friendly atmosphere where the staff knows how to brew a yummy coffee.

서울시 용산구 한남동 743-8번지 1층 mtl

743-8 Hannamdong, 1fl, Yongsangu, Seoul





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